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Dating shy males

Is he making continuous eye contact, is he laughing at your jokes or does he look bored and is checking out other women. After they feel relaxed around you, they’ll start confiding in you and be more open about themselves, what you need to remember here is that it took a lot of courage to be that comfortable with someone so whatever he shares with you is for your ears only. This becomes easy if you’re paying close attention to everything he tells you.

Remember the details, if not everything at least try to remember most of it.

So at least in the initial stages of the relationship you’ll have to give them the confidence, go for a movie for example, where you spend time together despite of talking less and then when they’re a bit warmer towards you can progress towards arranging dinner dates, parties etc.

Most people are more expressive behind the screen, in this era of social networks and texting it shouldn’t be hard to get to know them through written conversations especially at the beginning.

It might sound tough as a girl but it will help develop comfort.

Talk about yourself, your friends, family, pets, reveal things to him which not many people know, this will show him that you can be trusted.

They’ll be happy that they are being heard, that they hold your interest and in turn they’ll be more attracted towards you.

It will strengthen the bond between you two and the relationship will progress in the right direction.

Once you guys start building your relationship you might be eager to introduce him to your friends and family.

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