Dating sites for recovery people

Before I tried online dating, I was sure I was a person who would never look for a relationship online.After I tried online dating, I was sure I would never admit to looking for a relationship online.

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I didn’t start dating again until I was three years sober.

By then I was comfortable going to a bar for an hour or two and sipping on seltzer while my date had a beer.

When it comes to dating, anything that allows me to be open about my sobriety and keeps me away from boozy locations and people is a good thing.

And if that thing happens to be online dating, there’s nothing embarrassing about that at all.

The reward at the end could very well be meeting that someone special you've been looking for.

If you find a keeper, you don't have to hide how you met when you tell other people.

Learning how to date sober was, like everything about sobriety, uncharted territory.

There’s a reason people suggest waiting until you have a year sober before you dip a toe into the dating pool.

But my dates weren’t so comfortable with my beverage choice.

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