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Of course I still downloaded and played Wolfenstein and Doom when it first came out, but throughout that time, I stilled played BBS games.

If there’s one thing to be learned from the BBS games and their related cousins, MUDs, is that great social interactions can trump pretty much everything else. Hope you share your memories of BBSes in the comments :-) Want more?

One of the most popular games was called The Legend of the Red Dragon: Having the combination of social gameplay with the traditional RPG mechanics created a rich world that allowed for months of play time.

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This is because, of course, people can’t be logged in to the same BBS simultaneously unless the BBS had a ton of different phone lines (not likely).

As a result, each of the Door games had to support an social, asynchronous play style that allowed people to dial in one after the other and still engage.

Once you play these turns, then you need to wait until the next day to get more turns.

This made it so that for a game like Tradewars 2002, you can log in, do your trading/mining/attacking, and interact with computer-controlled characters.

Of course the products that can deliver higher production values and great social experiences are even better off. If you liked this post, please subscribe or follow me on Twitter. (This blog was republished by the excellent blog Inside Social Gaming) PS.

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If you encounter another player’s ship, then you can interact with them with the computer taking control of the other player, so when attacking them, they will automatically defend.

Some of these games played very much like RPGs, with levels, currency, monsters, swords, quests, and the usual mechanics.

You can tell from the number of dudes on the screen above that the world of lonely nerds has not changed much over the last 20 years.

Turn-based, RPG-like gameplay One of the big design challenges for any BBS game is that you want to encourage social gameplay, yet it can’t be real time.

Many of my friends at the time criticized the simplicity of the gameplay, only to be sucked in for social reasons :-) Similar to the current incarnation of social gaming, the emphasis is not on graphics.

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