Dating someone who was previously engaged

My boyfriend of 2 years has previously been married and is in the process of getting a divorce. When I say my wedding vows I will never have said them to anyone before and I feel hurt that this will not be the case for him.

We are both committed Christians and want to get married but I am struggling with the fact that he has been married. If you do make a decision to get married, DO NOT get married without receiving pre-marital counseling.

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dating a non jewish man - Dating someone who was previously engaged

It can cause obsession and “one-track thinking” which may block you from keeping your eyes wide open to all the facets of the relationship.

Nothing is perfect and no matter the circumstances, each partner has to bring their best selves to the table, which means that your boyfriend has to be whole enough to be there for you and your struggles as well. A., MFT is a licensed, private practice psychotherapist, with 11 years experience in individual and couples therapy.

You can of course, be a pillar of support and understanding.

You are human and will have your limits but in any good relationship there will always be a healthy dose of give and take.

In my past relationships, men were crazy about me and doing their best to woo me and impress me which my guy doesn’t do or should I say not with the same intensity and passion.

Having said that, he does initiate contact, asks me out, calls ahead of time for a date and has shown an interest in me but in a quiet subdued way.Also I know that if we have a family it will be a new experience for me but not for him. I worry we may not be able to share any major life events for the first time as a couple in light of his already having been married and having children. I believe that when I make my vows I am giving him a very special gift and I find the fact that he is not able to do the same difficult to deal with. The reality is that many people nowadays have been married before, myself included. I give you credit for seeing something special in your mate and being open to the idea of taking it slow.I caution you against viewing his reticence as the main block aid in the relationship.I understand why she said that, but I have never been in relationships where I had to “fix” or “work on” a man.

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