Girls thuds chatlines - Dating someone who was previously engaged

She believes that the client is the expert on themselves and through an eclectic combination of orientations, she works to bring out the best version of the client that they can be.

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I assured him that he could trust me completely and take his time.

In return, he thanked me and said that he would understand if I choose to end the relationship because of his current state of mind and the emotional baggage of his past relationship.

One day, he called me and asked me if we could meet and I agreed fearing for the worst.

When we met, he apologized sincerely and when I asked him why he didn’t respond to my calls or emails, he held my hands and said he is falling for me and has mixed feelings about it.

He is not a chaser in the sense, he did not actively pursue me like the men I had relationships with before.

We met through a common friend and our relationship has been growing slowly but steadily.

You can of course, be a pillar of support and understanding.

You are human and will have your limits but in any good relationship there will always be a healthy dose of give and take.

Can you give your thoughts on my decision to continue in this relationship?

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