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The concept of the body-swap film genre is far and wide - from switching between the sexes, between parent and child, old and young, human to animal, and many more. The fairly conservative and strictly business Tash suddenly having the mind of a playboy, and The confident music TV MC Brett suddenly turning very uptight and mannered are fun to watch.

The two leads played by Claudia Karvan and Guy Pearce play well off each other and its interesting to see how the characters slowly see the world and the relationship through each others eyes.

Though they have been together over a year, Tash and Brett have reached a point where they believe that neither understands the other.

Tash is a serious, highly intelligent science journalist while hunky Brett hosts a music video show on an MTV-like network.

Tim finds others hate, if not misunderstanding, Stanley and his snake friends.

If his friends are killed or mistreated, Tim dishes out cruel punishment to the human transgressors. Snakes, however, are fickle creatures and the final venomous showdown takes place deep within the swamp between the two friends.

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A pair of disparate battling lovers get a chance to live in each other's shoes in this lively Australian sex comedy.

There are certainly hilarious moments in the film with the awkwardness, but since it plays off so many clichs, the originality is very lacking.

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