Dota live cams strip - Dating trailer drivers

For some seasoned and expert drivers, this comes naturally; others take the time to learn and understand the concepts.

The truck and car collided on the Western Ring Road between the Hume Highway and Pascoe Vale Road at Glenroy at 4am on Tuesday.

But neither the truck driver or man driving the car, both in their 40s, were injured in the crash.

As I have written before, the majority of drivers on the roads in Costa Rica are new drivers, first-time owners of a car and few have professional driving instruction. These new drivers, though they may have passed the driver’s test and have a license, they fail to understand three principles of good driving: timing, control and a good understanding physics.

I have no numbers to back me up, just my experience and head shaking at some fo the crazy sh*t I see daily on the road to know that the driver in front of me, the one behind, to the sides, across the street, even across town, has never driven before. Most of these drivers look at an automobile the same they look at an appliance, it gets them from point A to point B, just like a toaster or a microwave oven.

Footage shows drivers using their mobile phones to film a shocking truck crash that paralysed peak-hour traffic in Melbourne.

The footage shows streams of drivers using their phones to film the crash scene on the Western Ring Road at Glenroy, in Melbourne's north on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, a five-car pileup caused further traffic chaos after the vehicle collided at the on-ramp to the Ring Road from the Tulla Freeway, 3AW Breakfast reports.

For the first time, the majority of English drivers now rely on electronic satnavs to find their destination, according to a poll.

The dramatic crash caused lanes on the Western Ring Road to be closed, bringing traffic to a crawl ahead of peak hour.

A crane will go to the scene after peak hour to remove the truck, which is loaded with scrap metal.

A semi-trailer barreling down the Ruta 27 at 100 km/h takes a lot longer to brake than say typical passenger automobile. Having a fundamental understanding how a car works and reacts in different conditions is the key.

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