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Perhaps the flowers and candy can be a prelude to violence; but in that case, why address female students with posters about incestuous rape in Lima, Peru?Of course, the posters were seen by men as well as women, and recent Administrative Board reports would indicate that some students could use a reminder that no means no.

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“On Valentine’s Day, Remember Survivors of Sexual Assault.”Over the past week, this message was plastered across campus in a postering campaign by the Coalition Against Sexual Violence.

The posters also featured grim statistics, such as a 1991 figure that one in five women will be assaulted during their college careers.

One of the three winning proposals in V-Day’s 2002 College “Stop Rape” contest was to distribute buttons that read “Be Nice to Vaginas, You Came From One.” Many responsible organizations have devoted time and effort to finding effective ways to fight violence, but the height of V-Day’s political imagination seems to be the proclamation of San Francisco as a “Rape Free Zone.”Awareness is crucial, but it is not an end, only a means to an end.

With so much at stake, it is foolish for advocates not to use their almost universal support as an engine for real change.

The content of the holiday fails to justify the juxtaposition. And as we’re often told, rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. 14 is diametrically opposed to the violent transgression of moral and emotional bonds that assault represents.

Assault can be committed by parents, acquaintances or strangers in contexts that have nothing to do with romance—as the campaign itself testified.By this time, she had already worked as a glamour model and a dancer so, for her, becoming an escort was the next step.'I'd always been a rebellious child and at this point they just didn't know what to do with me.It would have been different if I was 18, but because I was 25 I think they realised I was an adult and they just wanted to let me make my own mistakes.It’s hard to come up with an equally distasteful association of the sublime and the grotesque; the closest analogue would be if anti-pedophilia activism were centered on Father’s Day.What’s unfortunate is that there are real disagreements at Harvard and elsewhere on the best ways to prevent or punish sexual violence. Lewis ’68 noted that the Ad Board was not well equipped to address certain allegations of assault.After failing at college, struggling through a string of dead end jobs, and without any capital or training behind her, Rebecca decided that this was her only chance of making good money.

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