Dating webites

"There have been complaints of fraud, misuse of information uploaded on the matrimonial websites...

In most of the cases, victims are women who fall prey to these fraudsters after getting introduced through fake profiles on matrimonial portals," the ministry noted in a June 7 letter sent to all matrimonial websites.

Mr Murugavel Janakiraman, managing director of, said it already had phone verification and gave registered members the option of uploading ID proof "to add credibility to their profiles".

Joshi, who was tracked down after a seven-month investigation, confessed to putting up fake profiles on different matrimonial sites, police said, often targeting rich families.

He has five similar cases of cheating lodged against him. The maximum punishment for cheating is imprisonment for up to seven years.

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The family has yet to get back any money, said the police.

Such cases have prompted the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to "strongly advise" matrimonial websites to seek and upload ID and residential proof from users (an optional choice on most websites), declare that the websites are for matrimonial purposes, introduce user agreements to ensure marriage is the intent, not dating, and store the IP address of profiles for at least a year.

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