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In a country where most marriages are still arranged, websites in many cases have replaced the more traditional methods of approaching the neighbourhood priest or next-door aunty for news of single men and women.

The number of websites such as, and Simply has ballooned in the past decade to more than 1,000 by some estimates.

They are pitching it as arranged marriage but it is not really that. They are meeting a large number of people." Though there are no statistics or even an estimate on the number of fake profiles, police and lawyers The Straits Times spoke to said that they were increasingly encountering such cases.

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While the websites offering the perfect match in marriage have not reacted to the push for tighter controls, groups such as the National Commission for Women have welcomed government oversight as a way to protect prospective brides and their families from cheats.

Some families have lost large sums because of lax verification processes in a fast-growing business which already has more than 55 million subscribers.

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