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Take yourself off the market entirely and put the pursuit of finding a mate on the back burner.

It's one of the things that actually moves daters closer to a fulfilling relationship. Schedule at least three social activities per week outside of work activities.

Take classes, learn something new, workout outdoors, go to bars, and actually look around instead of looking at your phone.

So, who knows what kind of awesome and potentially influential information you could learn by going app-less in April while you are also improving your mood and decreasing stress." -Koretz"I suggest [my clients] get 'lover sober' by doing a 'dating detox'.

Instead, I have them date themselves — and they make some huge strides in terms of learning about themselves and how (and why) they relate to partners as they do. D., Licensed Psychologist"My advice for someone participating is to get social and look for connection in the real world.

Plus if you meet someone doing an activity or at a favorite restaurant you have the benefit of being more likely to have things in common with that person (because of self selection) and you've been doing something you enjoy anyway." - Janna Koretz Psy.

D, Licensed Psychologist And Founder Of Azimuth Psychological"There's been a lot of research about how mindfulness improves mood and decreases stress.

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Find time to spend with friends, brush up on your resume, go to the gym more frequently, start writing that blog or book that you’ve dreamed about and create your vision board for attracting that ideal person to your life for when you’re ready to reactivate your profile." - Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker, Founder of Cyber-Dating Expert Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

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