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After graduation, he accepted a postdoctoral fellowship with the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and joined the CDF experiment.He was part of the team that discovered the top quark in 1995 and led the top quark physics analysis group from 1996-1998. Roser joined the Fermilab scientific staff as a Wilson Fellowship in 1997.The field has evolved since that time to address critical issues such as synchronization and interoperability, and remains an active area of research to this day.

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And the search for these symmetries involves a major quest that began with the Babylonians and Egyptians and continued to the ancient Greeks, the Arabs, medieval Europe, and on through the 19th century to our own time.

This talk will begin with a brief overview of particle physics and why the Higgs Boson is so important and how it completes the symmetry. in applied mechanics from the University of Pittsburgh, obtained in night school with Westinghouse support. Swanson was awarded the ASME Presidents Award; 2004 John Swanson was awarded the John Fritz Medal by the American Association of Engineering Societies (John Fritz Medal is described as the highest award in the engineering profession); 2003 ASME Honorary Membership; 1998 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering, 1998 ASME Applied Mechanics Award; 1996 Dr.

Robert Roser is senior member of the scientific staff at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

He began his career at the University of Connecticut where he majored in physics.

He has held a number of leadership positions on the CDF experiment including supervising much of the Run II upgrades, leading the Detector Commissioning and early Operations effort and has served as its leader and scientific spokesperson for the past eight years where this group found first evidence of the Higgs Boson.

Most recently, he has accepted the position as head of the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab and is now a member of the CMS experiment at CERN.

He is a member of the Engineering College Council at Cornell University.

His support of colleges and universities includes the donation of research laboratories to the Engineering Schools at Cornell, the University of Pittsburgh and (with Janet, his wife) the Veterinary School at Cornell. Swanson Science Center at Washington and Jefferson College. Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh is named in his honor.

Finally, I will close with a few words on particle physics and society and how the search for the perhaps esoteric has benefited society. John is internationally recognized as an authority and innovator in the development and application of finite-element methods to engineering. (now ANSYS, Inc) in 1970 to develop, support, and market the ANSYS program, a finite-element software code widely used in the engineering industry. among Top 50 software companies; 1991 John Swanson appeared on nationally televised Computer Business Today program; 1990 John Swanson won the Computers in Engineering (CIE) award for outstanding contributions to the engineering and computing industries; 1988 Dr.

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