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You can only obtain this license as a business or sole proprietor.

You must present a qualifying individual who has at least three years of experience in OTI and who is an active officer of the entity, according to the OTI.

You must also provide proof of financial stability: ,000 for an ocean freight forwarder license and ,000 for an NVOCC license.

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This letter serves as a formal application for an Operating or Air Carrier Certificate.

Provide your pilot's resume, certification and medical certificate.

This office reviews applications and provides license applications.

To obtain a license as a first-time owner of a sea cargo, fill out Form FMC-18, or the Application for a License as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary.

When products cross borders, factors such as fulfillment speed, inventory costs, and compliance get more complicated.

UPS Trade Direct provides strategies for getting your goods to customers days or even weeks faster.

Types of cargo aircraft include the Airbus A300, Boeing 707, Casa 212 and Merlin 4 A.

You may also choose to lease an airplane instead of buying one.

You must also submit a plan for the drug and alcohol program you plan on using to test your employees.

Obtain the necessary small business insurance coverage for your employees and liability coverage in the form of marine insurance to guard against damages or loss of shipments.

The second option is to choose not to operate the vessels but to provide the shipment service from one place to another. For both types of sea cargo business, you must obtain the required licensing by filling out Form FMC-18. The type of cargo airplanes you choose depends on how much cargo you plan to transport and the number of pilots you decide to have.

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