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A proficient cargo forwarder should have extensive knowledge of international law, trade theories and practices and the financial aspects of trading.You must also understand foreign markets, shipping methods, insurance coverage, documentation, customs regulations and warehousing.

Either way, your airplane must pass the FAA's annual Aircraft Conformity Inspection.

Things that the FAA inspection checks for equipment and required items such as an FCC radio station license, current registration, an aircraft flight manual and a compass correction card.

Complete a PASI or Preapplication Statement of Intent form and submit it to the FAA.

Also, write a formal application letter, which must contain your name and the name and address of the company.

You must also provide proof of financial stability: $50,000 for an ocean freight forwarder license and $75,000 for an NVOCC license.

You must obtain certification and licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate as an air cargo business.You may choose from two different types of sea shipping operations.The first is known as an ocean freight forwarder, which owns the ships that carries the cargo and takes responsibility for the cargo from the source port to the destination port.For the sea cargo part of your business, you must fill out Form FMC-68, which is a Guaranty in Respect of Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) Liability for Damages, Reparations or Penalties Arising from Transportation-Related Activities.You must also look for insurance that covers the amount of goods you are transporting, either by air or sea, plus liability insurance for your employees in case of accidents.Request More Information Mid-sized to large businesses with current import/export needs, or seeking to grow their international customer base or expand geographically into new markets–without the heavy investment in infrastructure.

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