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Lil Scrappy has also been signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit South Records, which is a hip hop record label, branched off of G-Unit Records, that was once managed by Tennessee rapper Young Buck, but now is rap by Atl rapper Shawty Lo.

After Lil Scrappy left G-Unit South Records, he later signed with Atl rapper Ludacris's Disturbing Tha Peace Records, that relationship was short lived, now Lil Scrappy is signed to S-Line Records, which is a record label founded by Kevin Clark.

Ten years after releasing their album Hated on Mostly, the Atlanta collective has reunited. Building off of the performance, Crime Mob is headed back in the studio for their third album, which is expected this year, according to Lil’ J. “2017.” Princess spoke on the reunion, as well, celebrating the fact that the group is finally ready to release new material.

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His nationality is American and he is of African-American ethnicity.

Her mother’s name is Momma Dee and father’s name is unknown.

He released his debut album ” gained over 100,000 views on You Tube in its first week.

He has a net worth of $700,000 but his salary is not revealed yet.

Lil has been an active member of the industry since 2002.

His 2004 collaborative album with Trillville went gold and he became famous in media.

is too elite Flawless niggas, lawless, you'll be jawless getting close to me Bullets busting constantly, rapping in your city streets Broken bones lay alone, scattered across the concrete Knucking if you bucking, you'll be ducking if you get too close In my eyes, you wasn't wise, I think it's time I knuck you, hoe [Verse 4: Diamond] I come in the club, shaking my dreads Throwing these bows and busting these heads Bitch irrelevant, step to my residence Best to back up 'for I send you a lick I been in drama and committing a crime Not leaving a trace, not leaving a line We knucking and bucking 'cause I got a nine I'll blow you away cause you wasting my time Stupid ass niggas, I know what to do I waste your ass, you fuck with my crew I'm through with you haters, so watch what you do You talking 'bout me, then I'm talking to you You bucking on us and we leave you in plastic You busting on me and that shit gon' get nasty I'm colder than ice and I'm freezing out here I target your city, but you cannot tell [Verse 5: Killa C] Knuck if you buck, boy, but you betta come equip I got some shit off in my trunk that's gonna make your body flip Hollow tips, busting out the rib soon as I hit the do' Anybody make a false move, dead bodies on the flo' Fucking with no hoes, ain't never been no lames Ain't never been no pussy, niggas scared to throw them things, mane Crime Mob niggas up in this bitch, Break Bread Records I represent Fucking with them HP niggas, you 'bout to get your wig split [Hook: Lil Scrappy] Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you, knuck if you Knuck if you buck, boy Knuck if you buck Knuck if you buck Kn-kn-kn-kn-kn-kn Knuck if you buck, boy A very infusing piece of poetry looking at the beautiful words of ignorance as five of the six Crime Mob members share their love of knucking, bucking, busting, blasting, and shaking dreads while getting turnt on some crunk music, all in a wonderfully mesmerizing chorus.

He is known for his work with fellow Atl rapper Lil Jon, he was once even signed to Lil Jon's record label, BME Entertainment.

even though he gave her a start in music and bought "her K teeth and her fake ass."He says Diamond's story of Gucci Mane slapping him down in a club is all BS.

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