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Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr.; raised as William Bruce Bailey; February 6, 1962) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She was involved with Axl when she told off on herself after having a one night stand with Pete Doherty, causing his break up with Kate Moss.

unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Caron Bernstein.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Yvonne Kobayashi.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Ellen Jabour.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Lindi Hingston.

He says, "Axl was a gentleman and had the good sense not to retaliate, as he would have done some serious damage to Hilfiger".

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He wrote the song "Sweet Child o' Mine" for her, and Everly appeared in the accompanying music video.

Rose and Everly were married on April 28, 1990 in Las Vegas.

Hilfiger allegedly flew into rage, "smacking" the singer in the arm and cursing at him.

According to Plumm owner NOEL ASHMAN, Hilfiger took two swings at Rose.

During the mixing sessions at Mediasound Studios in NYC, Rose brought Adriana Smith, who was drummer Adler's girlfriend at the time, to the studio and had sex with her so that the sounds that Smith made could be recorded and put over the bridge of the song. Michelle ask Axl to write a song for her, and thus "My Michelle" was created.

Axl was honest in his lyrics about how her life was spiraling...1986 - January 1991 Axl Rose began a relationship with model Erin Everly, the daughter of singer Don Everly of the Everly Brothers.

The designer was promptly escorted out of the club by security guards.

Rose told his side of the story on Friday morning (19MAY06) during an interview with KROQ radio station in Los Angeles, explaining the fight started when he politely asked the designer to move his date's drink so it wouldn't get spilled.

The PARADISE CITY singer is currently dating DIANE O'CONNOR - the ex-wife of Hilfiger's adopted brother, MICHAEL - and both designers are furious with Rose, according to the New York Post's Page

The pair were at The Plumm nightclub in New York City, where Rose played a surprise acoustic show, when they got into a heated argument which ended with Hilfiger allegedly hitting Rose.

Everly later claimed that Rose showed up at her house the previous day with a gun in his car and told her that he would kill himself if she did not marry him.

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