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- since it works on the most number of classic Mac models and ROMs.And since these packages contain floppies (not CD-ROMs as in the packages i liquidated in 2004) they can be used to boot many of those older Mac models that you still may have laying around.

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4x8 = 32, times 3 = 96 never before opened, mint condition Mac OS System 7.5 packages on floppy disk that I have now left to liquidate, along with a handful of Mac OS 8.1 CD-ROM based packages left over from before.

System 7.5 (which as you can tell from the box was the version that Apple decided to rebrand as "Mac OS" from then on, is the last of the major 68000-compatible releases.

So both Mac OS 7.5 floppy disk editions and CD-ROM editions are available.

When sending in your Starbucks gift card or a self-address stamped mailer, please therefore specify if you are interested in: Talk about taking a long time to open a package.

Use the Starbucks option if you live outside of the United States, and you can order Starbucks gift cards online at of course to save yourself even going to a store.

Please specify specifically whether you are requesting the floppy disk package of Mac System 7.5 or the CD-ROM package of Mac OS 8.1.

So, first test, I thought I would tackle a system that most other web sites would not jump on benchmarking first, or for that matter one that Seagate might have optimized their drive for.

I chose as my first test subject my Apple Mac Pro G5, since that system has already been running on last year's 7200.4 drive for quite a while, with both Mac OS X and Fedora 12 Linux installed on the same 500-gigabyte drive.

The new Seagate Momentus XT drive on the other had cost me all of 137 dollars on Amazon, virtually exactly the same price as last year's drive.

In fact the two hard disks look almost the same, as shown in the photo below, where the distinguishing markings between the two are of course the "Momentus 7200.4" to "Momentus XT" name change, and the subtle change of model numbers from ST9500420AS to ST9500620AS.

What I thought were some old boxes of Macintosh computer parts that I had put away in storage back in 2001 after returning from the Macworld New York show, well, turned out have a shipment of Mac OS packages I had forgotten about.

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