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, Eretria, literally "city of the rowers") is a town in Euboea, Greece, facing the coast of Attica across the narrow South Euboean Gulf.

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Excavations of the ancient city began in the 1890s and have been conducted since 1964 by the Greek Archaeological Service (11th Ephorate of Antiquities) and the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece.

The first evidence for human activity in the area of Eretria are pottery shards and stone artifacts from the late Neolithic period (3500-3000 BC) found on the Acropolis as well as in the plain. It is therefore unclear whether a permanent settlement existed at that time.

In 490 BC the city was sacked and burned by the Persians under the admiral Datis and the population was deported to Arderikka in Susiana.

The temple of Apollo, built around 510 BC, was destroyed by the Persians.

The Eretrians were Ionians and were thus natural allies of Athens.

When the Ionian Greeks in Asia Minor rebelled against Persia in 499 BC, Eretria joined Athens in sending aid to the rebels, because Miletus supported Eretria in the Lelantine War.Parts of a pediment were found in 1900, including the torso of an Athena statue.Eretria was rebuilt shortly afterwards and took part with 600 hoplites in the Battle of Plataea (479 BC).The ancient writer Plutarch mentions a woman of Eretria, "who was kept by Artabanus" at the Persian court of Artaxerxes, who facilitated the audience that Themistocles obtained with the Persian king.During the fifth century BC the whole of Euboea became part of the Delian League, which later became the Athenian Empire.After her eventual defeat by Sparta in 404 BC, Athens soon recovered and re-established her hegemony over Euboea, which was an essential source of grain for the urban population.

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