Dns pointer record not updating

Well over 70 percent of all support calls that come to Microsoft support services that start out as Active Directory or Exchange calls end up being DNS calls.Yet, as you’ll see in this article, most of these issues don’t require extensive diagnostic work or sophisticated tools to isolate and resolve.I liken it to the days when automobiles had carburetors; a mechanic could fix most engine performance problems by fiddling with the choke—spritz a little WD-40 into the throttle body, charge and retire in the suburbs after a few years. Check the TCP/IP settings, run a few utilities to verify the zone records, charge 0 (correcting for inflation) and retire to Arizona.

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If you’re an experienced Windows system engineer, they may seem a little trivial.

But even the most highly trained and savvy administrator can get in a hurry and make a mistake.

If you need a fastest update of your MX record, you can reduce your TTL at the minimum.

And when the other DNS servers have updated your TTL in their DNS, change your MX record.

The TCP/IP Settings window calls this the Primary Suffix.

If a query using the primary suffix fails, and the Append Parent Suffixes option is checked, the resolver strips the leftmost element from the primary suffix and tries again. The TCP/IP settings for each network interface can have a unique DNS suffix, populated either statically or with DHCP.

So I wonder what "Google picked up" -- but to solve your issue, increment the serial number in your zone file.

If I may suggest: For my zone files' serials, I use the pattern YYYYMMDDNNN (i.e.

The user interface calls this the Connection-specific Suffix.

It’s best to leave this field empty in deference to the Primary Suffix.

You let DCPromo configure a zone file that matches the DNS name you selected for AD. Once you enter the correct DNS entries in TCP/IP settings at the DC, populate the zone with SRV records by stopping and starting the Netlogon service.

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