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Distilled search results can be indexed into portions of the source document for focused entry, and can also be grouped and analytically presented on mid-menus to allow the user to review distilled data in summary form.

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Search and viewing preferences may be determined according to psychometrics, user selection of a default user category, through a question/answer session, or based on monitoring user activity which incrementally defines a profile. 18, 1999, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Composing A Search, for Searching a Corpus of Information or the Internet, for Displaying the Search Results in an Easily Viewable Manner, and for Crawling, Summarizing and Structuring the Corpus of Information”; and co-pending application Ser. 09/565,674 filed May 4, 2000, entitled “Information Search, Retrieval, and Distillation Into Knowledge Objects”.

This application is a continuation in part of presently co-pending application Ser. These related applications are hereby incorporated herein by reference.

The invention generally relates to searching a network for text and non-text data, and providing for storing and forwarding search results.

More particularly, the invention relates to applying linguistics and syntax analysis to augment searching.

Best success with ages 3 - but is quite fun for adults too.

The invention provides for various methods and apparatuses for searching bodies of knowledge, such as previously indexed source documents reachable over a network, search results from previous searches, and results from performing meta-searches.

After several years of such end points becoming accessible of the networks, an enormous amount of information and other material is now available in an online electronic format.

A typical method for locating and reviewing such information is by way of a “web browser”, such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, and other network application programs (hereafter generally “browsers”).

Recently there has been a vast proliferation of networking connection options, for businesses and general users alike, for connecting to networks such as intranets and the Internet.

Many such businesses and users position themselves as an end point, or point of interest (hereafter generally “web sites”), to whom others can connect and obtain information and other material.

Google actually only searches listed white pages, and not cell phone numbers.

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