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To fight this problem, you must show that possible female Dom that you are serious by being constant in your communication and very patient.

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According to the same female Dom friend, many male subs are scared to meet a prospective female Dom in a public place.

W/we are not talking about public play here, but many men are scared to admit that they are submissive. If the refuse to show up in a public place for the first meeting with You, how can You trust that man to do anything else in play! Because there are 4 men to every submissive woman in the lifestyle, it makes the search hard. There are always a lot more ads for male Doms looking for a female submissive then there are ads for female submissive doing a search for a Dom.

A searching male Dom will have to answer many many ads to receive a few replies. Male submissives make the majority of players in the BDSM lifestyle.

Not many female subs go alone to munches and play parties so, W/we are not saying that it is impossible to meet a female sub there but let's just say it is unlikely. There are not many female Doms looking for a male sub. Ads for sub male usually make the bulk of any ads service.

But gentlemen, if you don't meet that goddess in a public place for the first time, how can She trust you in play, when you don't want to do your part in the first meeting! If a switch, male or female gets with a non-switch partner, problems may arise when the switch wants to change sides. But again, a relationship between a switch and a non-switch is possible with good U/us; Pierre is male Dom and Catharine(katy) is a female switch....:) Well ladies, in the BDSM lifestyle YOU are the one who decides on the partner whether Y/you're a Dom, a sub or a switch.

If Y/you put an ad, just be patient and replies will pour in. Remember, to be safe and find the proper partner that you need. By the way, you could be a very small woman or a BBW (Big and Beautiful Woman) there is a male looking for you, so YOU CAN choose.

And finally W/we don't talk about couples recruiting a slave or a plaything.

As always in dating, it is the L/ladies who pick and choose their P/partners and it is up to the males be T/they subs or doms to woo the L/ladies.

Now, let's see how a logical search for a P/partner goes; The goal of this search is to get a discussion going between the prospect partner and Y/you. But remember usually the L/ladies just have to wait for an answer to their ads while M/men have to do the initial contact.

From there, Y/you may have a chance to have something that will go further with this P/partner that has Y/your interest. To put an ad, it is usually free, but to be able to answer an ad, Y/you have to pay. Sometimes a L/lady will answer an ad but this is NOT the usual.

Take Y/your time and get to know this male P/partner that Y/you are interested in.

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