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Founding and Senior Partner and Head of Creative at Sterling Cooper & Partners (Current) Founding and Senior Partner and Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former) Junior Partner and Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former) Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former) Fur Salesman and Copywriter (former) Car Salesman (former) United States Army Private (former) Donald Francis "Don" Draper is a founding partner and the Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency in Manhattan, NY ("Shut the Door. Prior to that position, he was the Director of the Creative Department at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes").He is regarded among his colleagues as the best to ever pitch copy. He stole the identity of a dead officer during the Korean War.

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Since Don Draper is still technically married to Anna, he tells her they will have to divorce so he can marry Betty, a request to which Anna cheerfully consents ("The Mountain King").

Don later works in New York city at Heller's, a specialty shop dealing in fur coats.

He has left work in the middle of the day to see French New Wave films, and reads poetry by the likes of Frank O'Hara.

Don has an affair with Bobbie Barrett, the wife of actor/comedian Jimmy Barrett.

Draper, the real Don Draper's wife, confronts him, telling Don that she knows he isn't who he claims he is ("The Mountain King").

Don comes clean with Anna, and promises to help take care of her, and they end up becoming close friends ("The Gold Violin").Don offers Roger a drink, and though it is 10 a.m., Roger accepts.Over drinks, Don tries to sell Roger on the idea of hiring him.During military service in the Korean War Dick assumed the identity of Lieutenant Don Draper after Draper was killed while the two were posted alone at an isolated base. Draper and assumed his name, cutting off contact with his family and creating a new life for himself ("Nixon vs. He also took advantage of the identity theft to get himself an undeserved military award. Draper was due a Purple Heart, which was awarded to Dick, despite there was no evidence of Dick being hospitalized for a minimum of 24 hours as a result of enemy action (the requirement for the medal).Dick did not challenge this in order not to cast suspicion on himself for the identity theft (as well as being a decorated veteran would help him establish a respectable foothold in civilian life). He takes up a job at a car dealership, where Anna M.Roger Sterling walks into the store, seeking a mink coat for Joan Holloway, whom he has just started seeing.

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