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To submit comments or errata regarding any of this material, please send email to [email protected] This chapter introduces the fundamentals of CVS, and then provides an in-depth guided tour of everyday CVS usage.

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Personally, I always use revision control on my coding projects now - it's saved me many times.

To understand what this has to do with facilitating collaboration, we'll need to take a closer look at the mechanism that CVS provides to help numerous people work on the same project.

Meanwhile, other developers can have CVS query the library to see if the master copy has changed recently.

If it has, CVS automatically updates their working copies.

(This part is magical and wonderful, and I hope you appreciate it.

Imagine how different the world would be if real books worked this way!If you've never used CVS (or any version control system) before, it's easy to get tripped up by some of its underlying assumptions.What seems to cause the most initial confusion about CVS is that it is used for two apparently unrelated purposes: record keeping and collaboration.It turns out, however, that these two functions are closely connected.Record keeping became necessary because people wanted to compare a program's current state with how it was at some point in the past.But before we do that, let's take a look at a mechanism that CVS doesn't provide (or at least, doesn't encourage): file locking.

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