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When you meet someone new, maintain a beginner’s mind. Treat each experience as new and minimize judgment.

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The best thing to do when starting a new relationship is to let go of goals and plans. This is one of the most confusing tenets of Buddhism, for me at least. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience sadness and grieve when a loved one dies. Listen to your intuition, because it is always right.

You meet someone and begin conjuring up concepts together. “rebounding”), but it’s essential to keep it light and infrequent. Except my own personal goals and plans, or lack thereof. Goals make you feel bad when you fail to meet them. (To learn more about this lifestyle, check out zenhabits.) If you’re in a long-term, serious relationship or marriage, you also have to detach. Are you guilty of this detrimental thought pattern? It’s better to be single than in a relationship perpetuated by mutual laze.

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This is all the wisdom I have gleaned about partnerships, dating, sex, love and romance over the past 16 years.

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