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For the youngsters aged 10-14, this was the perfect activity and not too expensive.

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Dim lighting and the smoke of battle make the job of a sniper challenging but provide good cover too.

Real combat sounds and search lights enhance the atmosphere and give a live combat feel to every battle, boosting the adrenaline rush experienced by players. We are all above the age of 20 and we had such a great time!!

The lady supervisor was brilliant and tried to involve her by getting her to press the button for the smoke machine.

she kept encouraging her and eventually for the last session my daughter was confident enough to get fully involved and her fear had gone. I felt this lady (sorry i didnt get her name) went above and beyond her duty and i would fully recommend this venue.

Council officers and community partners will be providing ongoing support to ensure that appropriate evidence and perspectives are available to the Commission.

Further meetings will go on to focus on collecting evidence in relation to key factors associated with poverty.

Together the Commission members will: In order to achieve the above, the Commission will meet on a monthly basis.

The first meeting in April established the group, considered a range of evidence around poverty in Dundee & Scotland, and began to examine the approaches being taken by the Dundee Partnership and the Council.

There is ample parking locally and the Guest House is served by a regular and rapid bus service to and from the city centre which is within easy walking distance.

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