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While we all wait for the publication of this work I am posting the article that Mike sent me many years ago now and dedicate it respectfully to my good friend Mike’s memory. This guide first appeared in on August 26, 2006 by: Mike Leverette.

Introduction The history of Ireland is an old and honourable one; steeped in warfare, family, racial and religious traditions. However, the first couple of millennia of Irish history have no relevance to this dating guide.

So for the purpose of this dating guide, we will study Irish history, relevant to our pipe dating needs, from 1870s until now.

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We believe the earliest stamp of this era was the “Made in England” in a block format since Peterson was using the “Made in Ireland” block format at about the same time on their Irish production pipes.

The “Made in England” circle format was used during the same time frame as the “Made in Eire” and “Made in Ireland” circle formats.

His work has been taken up by Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg who are currently working on a book on entitled, The History of the Kapp & Peterson Company and their system pipes.

According to the Briar Books Press website the book’s release has been pushed back to Christmas 2015.

By 1890, Kapp & Peterson was the most respected pipe and tobacco manufacturer in Ireland and rapidly gaining followers in England and America.

In 1898 another of Peterson’s remarkable inventions became available, the Peterson-Lip (P-Lip) mouthpiece, also known as the Steck mouthpiece.

Should you wish to read more on the history of the Irish, I recommend “The Story of the Irish Race” by Seamus Mac Manus who gives a very vivid, and near as we can tell an accurate portrayal of their history.

History pertinent to our purposes began in the year 1865; the year Charles Peterson opened a small tobacco shop in Dublin.

So the Free State Era will be from 1922 through 1937. So the English Era, for a simplified date, will be from 1895 through 1959.

Peterson followed with a COM stamp of “Irish Free State” in either one or two lines, either parallel or perpendicular to the shanks axis and extremely close to the stem. The Made in Eire Era will be from 1938 through roughly 1940? The stamps Peterson used in London and that we have seen are: Though there are a couple of more, the above will give one the general idea.

As one can see this is pretty straightforward but there have been inconsistencies within this method of stamping.

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