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snare drum hoops did not use rim clips on their top of the line snare drums but instead, had holes at equal intervals around the flange through which the tension rods were inserted.

By 1924, curved bends were added around these holes to protect the tension rods.

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Later, holes were added all the way around the ring.

Below left is a reproduction by Mike added a snare side gate for their Broadway Dual and Parallel models.

The snare side (bottom) had n outward flange for the snare string to pass through. The Tone Flange was an unusual and unique device that was offered by the company for a short time.

Produced from 1928 until 1933, the Tone Flange was a 14 ring made of either brass or aluminum and was attached to the top edge of the Artist model and the The flange rested on top of a flattened top bearing edge into which several wood screws were installed.

However, Slingerland catalogs continued to show the old style gates as late as 1948. To meet these demands, all drum companies utilized wooden hoops, often with decorative pearl inlays.

The gates on the Slingerland Rolling Bomber bottom hoops were carved into a one-piece maple hoop.In this section, various miscellaneous components of vintage drums (1923-1965) will be addressed.Due to the numerous photos and catalog images, this page may take a long time to load. The hoops or rims of the early 1920s were mostly metal bands, shaped into a circle with a single bend or flange added for stability.These gates were bolted on to the hoop and allowed for free movement of the Parallel snare strands.The Broadway Standard models maintained the older flanged type opening. Tom toms typically had only their top hoops stamped.The first Slingerland Radio King hoops had the name actually engraved in the metal. In 1935, Ludwig & Ludwig introduced the Silver Anniversary model snare drums and this would mark the first time that they manufactured double flange hoops without hoop clips for snare drums.

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