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The Universal farce (released in the States in July 2007) stars Adam Sandler and Hitch's Kevin James as, respectively, Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine, the bachelors of the title - two straight macho firefighters who pose as gay marrieds to qualify for domestic partner benefits.

No points for guessing that Biel plays the film's romantic lead; she's the attorney who represents the two men against the insurance company, with whom Sandler falls in love.

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While a blast into the clouds with Stealth provided innoffensive thrills for more forgiving movie-goers, few would stand up to defend Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe's saccharine Elizabethtown as even throwaway fun.

In 2006, Biel traveled back in time to become the source of a decidedly supernatural mystery as the ill-fated love of a turn-of-the-centry Vienna magician portrayed by Edward Norton in director Neil Burger's The Illusionist.

Giamatti is Chief Inspector Uhl, the prince’s henchman charged with debunking Eisenheim’s chicanery. It’s all very controlled in a good way,” Burger says in his commentary.

On screen, the two Oscar-nominated character actors circle each other in a tantalizing game of cat and mouse that reminds the director of the memorable sit-down between Pacino and De Niro in .

In 2012, she also appeared in Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler and the bio drama Hitchcock, playing actress Vera Miles.

A new show on a network that notoriously lets shows run for, like, eight seasons on average?

It’s amazing when any normal people can calibrate egos, emotions, history, “he saids,” “she saids,” or “they saids” to the appropriate levels for minimal awkwardness. Typically, if I see an ex, I give a big hug, and it's wonderful to catch up.” Extremely cool! You bump upper torsos to alleviate any sexual tension and go about whatever you were doing before.

There’s Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, two incredibly cool exes).

When the producers would not release her from her contract, she posed on the cover of the March 2000 Gear under the headline "Fallen Angel." The images inside featured her sprawled topless on a bed and against a bathroom mirror, her hands providing insufficient cover in a manner that pushed even Gear's lax standards for showing skin.

The issue become one of Gear's most popular ever, with terrific resale value on Ebay, and got Biel canned from the show.

Making such statements as, "Mary Camden is dead," the 17-year-old Biel indeed got out of her contract to pursue a movie career; when that floundered, she - amusingly - found herself reconsidering her haste and returned for guest spots on the program.

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