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Genre: Drama Actor: Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Maeve Quinlan, Chris Hunter, Rob Moran, Valery M.

If your name is Eileen, then you're in some great company.

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The famous Eileens below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Eileen, athletes named Eileen, and even political figures named Eileen.

The music industry is no stranger to the name Eileen, and the same can be said for Hollywood and show business in general.

In 2011, Boylan starred opposite Tom Selleck as a central character in the television movie Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost.

Boylan's television credits include roles on Baywatch, General Hospital, Judging Amy and a recurring role on the Lifetime original series Strong Medicine.

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Boylan made her film debut playing a younger version of the title character in the 2001 film Alex in Wonder (a.k.a. In 2004, she starred opposite Alexa Vega and Sara Paxton in the film Sleepover.

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