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I first learned about this phrase in my training to become a suicide-prevention hotline volunteer.

There are a lot of reasons that most people are not particularly great at validating feelings of others, even when it comes to the people they care about the most.

Maybe she once wanted to move ahead with a project at work and someone on her team felt less sure about it. You don’t trust me, obviously.” This is the beginning of an emotional connection; both the Husband and the Wife openly share in a feeling of frustration, of not being trusted.

Oftentimes it boils down to simply never being taught how to do it properly.

But frequently, it also comes down to a deep inner resistance; many people mistakenly believe that validating another person’s feelings means Validating feelings is NOT the same thing as expressing agreement. Let us return to our example of a Husband and a Wife battling it out over a family financial plan.

This is where the importance of empathy comes into play.

an emotional connection without having to wait around for it to happen spontaneously. Say a Husband and a Wife are discussing a joint financial plan.

And so, we are left to wonder things like: This is page is intended to be an Emotional Connection crash page.

It is a succinct breakdown of important definitions and myths surrounding our social-emotional needs.

We left off with our Wife feeling anxious about her Husband’s proposal to buy a new car.

The Husband was feeling frustrated with her resistance to his plan, which he feels is safe and appropriate.

No fair piling several complaints into one session.

But what is an emotional connection in the first place?

Maybe they started out seeing the dress as blue and black, but could also see it as white and gold with the right lighting, or the right angle on the screen.

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