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Communication is vital for any healthy relationship, and it is also important in the beginning stages of dating.If he has done something to disappoint you, let him know. The key is to let him know without knocking him down.

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Telling him does not give your cards away; rather it inspires confidence in his leadership and the desire to play his hand by continuing this relationship with you.

Despite common misconceptions, letting a man lead doesn’t mean the woman gets to sit back and wait for him to do all the work.

A woman who lets a man lead should function similarly; she allows her boyfriend or husband to take the helm while voicing her desires and preferences for where the relationship goes.

For those ladies who prefer for the man to take the lead, here are five tips for guiding things along.01. Whether it’s a first meeting or a second date, communicate your interest in him through your actions.

Some men say they enjoy it when a woman is gutsy and either asks him out or makes it obvious that she’s interested.

But the “I’ll text him first” shtick isn’t universally loved.

Taking the lead or not is a personality thing, and the reality is that many men—and women—prefer it when the guy leads.

If you’re the kind of lady who prefers the guy to make the first move, this one is for you.

Instead of pointing the finger and throwing the blame, simply mention that a certain action of his has given you mixed signals—and be sure to give concrete examples.

Most (although certainly not all) men are straightforward, and if something is explained to them clearly, then they have the opportunity to right it.05. Most men desire first to be respected and then to be loved.

Sometimes spelling things out is necessary, but in most cases, actions speak louder than words.

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