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He cares about others, but isn't always stellar at accessing his feelings, and he prefers to learn by Hagrid is a classic ISFP: loving, loyal, and a tad on the sensitive side.He values his privacy (especially about his parentage), sticks to his principles, and doesn't like to be boxed in by societal conventions.

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Harry may be the most famous baby in all of wizarding history, but he doesn't actually love the limelight all that much.

He's an ISTP: introverted, independent, adventurous, and not too hung up on following the rules.

INTPs are known for their intellect, their passion, and their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Hermione has the smart, serious exterior of an INTP, as well as the intense drive to learn ISFJs are usually warm, well-meaning people, and highly observant.

Like all ISFJs, Neville can be a little shy at first, but he's willing to fight a snake with a magical sword if it means defending the people he cares about.

Lupin's quiet, observant nature and his secret, pent-up wolf rage make him a classic INFJ: diplomatic and kind on the outside, intensely passionate on the inside.

Poor li'l Draco is a self-confident, quick-thinking, somewhat cynical INTJ.

So yeah, Myers-Briggs is basically astrology for people who don't believe in astrology.

Here's where your favorite witches and wizards fall on the personality spectrum.

Molly can be a bit of a traditionalist, sure, and sometimes just a smidge overbearing, but she loves fiercely like the ESFJ she is. It's just that the ENTJ type is all about ambition, leadership, and borderline-ruthless rationality.

She feels the urge to be helpful in every situation, she's always the one planning the party, and she has an enormous capacity for empathy (unless you're the unlucky Death Eater who threatens her kids). An ENTJ will crush their enemies and reward their friends handsomely.

He values stability, and will try very hard to keep the peace and make things right again when they're thrown out of whack.idealistic.

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