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MS Entourage stores an identity database in Microsoft User Folder data.This database is a part of Entourage information store.When you create messages, tasks, notes, and appointments, this information store increases in size.

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It turns out that there is a curious feature missing from Entourage...

You can't highlight a word and then insert a hyperlink.

You also can send a While you can quickly create a public link in a couple of steps right in the Data window, the real meat of using public links is in the Manage Public Links window.

From this window, you can create or copy an existing one, delete data links, and access advanced sharing to send a URL that allows the user to upload the file via URL to the DE, or send i Rods i Commands, Wget, or c URL commands.

You can create and send a public link to a data file (though not for a folder) you own.

Once the recipient has the link to the file, it can be downloaded for purposes of validating, manipulating, or analyzing the file or results on their system.

Separate public links are useful when you want to share or revoke access to the same file on a per-recipient basis, while sending the same link to a group of recipients allows you to share or revoke access to the file in one action.

To create the public link, the owner selects the file, creates the link, and then emails, tweets, or text the link to the recipient.

The advantages are that the recipient does not have to have a Cy Verse account in order to download the file through the link, and the original file is not affected because the downloaded file is used on his or her system instead of in the Cy Verse Data Store.

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