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If your i Pod already has songs on it that you ripped using i Tunes, you will be happy to know that such MP3s pose no problem. If, however, you have files encoded in i Tunes' default AAC format, you should be aware that Linux does not have much in the way of playback support.

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Because of that, there is likely to be the occasional odd moment while working with your i Pod.

I have been using mine without problems, but a friend did lose all his data when he managed to freeze his system doing something bizarre.

In the meantime, you can quite simply convert your Ogg Vorbis files to MP3 format for use on your i Pod, though there will be a bit of a loss in quality.

(This is understandable, considering both formats have their own, incompatible methods of compression which require the throwing out of actual music data.) Of course, if you originally encoded your audio files in FLAC format, this quality issue will be moot.

It gets better: This tutorial also works when it says disabled or it says you can’t try the passcode for another 326,132 minutes (or more or less).

If you use the following steps, you will lose all information that is currently stored on the device.The i Tunes program needs to be closed, not just the window.If you only click the red button to close the window, you are not actually closing Apple’s i Tunes! With the i Pod plugged in and i Tunes closed, hold the home and power button together at the same time for 20 – 25 seconds. The i Pod will shut off and turn back on to a screen with the i Tunes logo and USB cord while you are holding both i Pod buttons. When you see that screen, release the buttons, keep i Pod Touch plugged in, open i Tunes. Click “OK” when i Tunes opens, click “Restore” button.Hold the two buttons together until the device resets and shows a screen with a USB plug and an i Tunes logo. For those who are having trouble, follow these steps.When you see this USB & i Tunes screen, you will need to open i Tunes. I have done this many times using the exact instructions detailed above.You will lose all of the music, all of the pictures, videos and applications stored on the i Pod Touch.

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