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He said: 'Everybody's trying to make it all "Nick Gordon beat her up" but I don't believe that.

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In lieu of parents they started to hang out with other people around their own age and became 'closed off'.

Zach says they likely partied, but preferred to stay at home and hardly ever went to bars or clubs.

The main things she would do were drinking, Xanax and cigarettes.'Despite Zach's assertions, drugs were found at Bobbi and Nick's home in a police search.

While no charges have yet been brought against anyone over the accident, the police are treating it as a criminal investigation.

Xanax is a common anxiety medication which helps calm people and prevent panic attacks.

It was one of the substances found in Whitney's body when she was found dead in a bathroom at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on February 11 2012, shortly before that year's Grammy Awards.

So far there has been no official statement explaining the extent of her injuries, but family members have said she opened an eye and are asking people to hope and pray for a miracle.'She's the last Houston.

I would desperately love to see her again, and talk to her,' said Zach.

But he told Daily Mail Online he did not believe Gordon would have harmed her Public display: Nick Gordon posted this picture at the weekend of an apparently new tattoo of Bobbi Kristina's name.

But he has been unable to visit the woman he calls his wife because her family have blocked him Key figures: Cissy Houston (left) and Pat Houston (right) have both been at Bobbi Kristina's side in hospital.

Nick would do all the 'man' things around the house such as taking out the trash and moving furniture, and quickly won Whitney's respect, as well as the title of honorary brother which she bestowed upon him, because of the way he'd always look out for Bobbi.

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