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That's kind of stupid, why would you put her in a bath if her mom just died in a bathtub?'In recent days Nick has not been welcome at hospital to see Bobbi, whom he refers to as his wife.

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Nick would do all the 'man' things around the house such as taking out the trash and moving furniture, and quickly won Whitney's respect, as well as the title of honorary brother which she bestowed upon him, because of the way he'd always look out for Bobbi.

After Whitney's shock death, Nick and Bobbi briefly moved out of the house where they had lived in Roswell for an apartment, although they later returned, when they were asked to leave the apartment over 'partying and fighting'.

The main things she would do were drinking, Xanax and cigarettes.'Despite Zach's assertions, drugs were found at Bobbi and Nick's home in a police search.

While no charges have yet been brought against anyone over the accident, the police are treating it as a criminal investigation.

That's all he knows by now, he's devoted his life to them.'They dated from 2007 to 2009 and while he says they were both 'troubled teenagers' he remembers fun times over at her house with Whitney, how she used to sing in her bedroom and it would echo across the whole house.'Bobbi didn't like it, she would tell her mom to go upstairs or say, "Go away mom", something like that.

I would nervously laugh when Whitney was high, but at the same time it made me very uncomfortable.Xanax is a common anxiety medication which helps calm people and prevent panic attacks.It was one of the substances found in Whitney's body when she was found dead in a bathroom at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on February 11 2012, shortly before that year's Grammy Awards.Another friend, Mason Whitaker – who was seen in Facebook pictures posing with a large hunting knife next to Bobbi – had also lived with her and Nick for a short while, but they asked him to move out because they were concerned about his behavior, according to Zach.Zach says he's praying his friend will pull through and wake up.Cissy, Whitney's grandmother, remains a key figure, while Pat, her former manager, objects to Nick Gordon Close but at odds: Bobbi Kristina and Pat Houston, her aunt who was Whitney's manager.

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