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To help people understand this it is usually best to just walk thru a publishing scenario.1.

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In this case they would not be able to make a consistent connection to the public folder server in the other site to get the needed Free/Busy information.

Some lag is acceptable in this case so that the end client has a better experience when accessing the needed information.

This process runs under the system attendant mailbox and updates Free Busy every 5 minutes for OWA, OMA, and Entourage clients.1. When the change is committed a Free/Busy message is submitted to the System Attendant mailbox on the mailbox server for the user.3.

The Mad FB process polls this mailbox and picks up that there has been a change.4.

In this post I hope to clear most of that up and provide some guidance that will help you prevent issues with Free Busy.

The biggest thing that most people I talk to about Free Busy don't understand is that the generation of the Free Busy data is the responsibility of the client not the server in the vast majority of cases.

You have to restrict yourself to only one replica org wide.

Any time you add a replica of the Free/Busy folder to another server you will introduce replication lag into the mix.

Do you require your Free/Busy information to Always be accurate when viewed by the end user?

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