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This Public folder replication lag will ensure that the replica of the folder does not have exactly the same information as other replicas and thus your Free/Busy information will not always be accurate.

The only time where Free/Busy replicas really makes sense is in the case where you will have people regularly needing Free/Busy information from others that are in a different physical location and are separated by a very slow link.

From working with customers there seems to be some confusion around how Free Busy information is generated and read by the client.

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Free/Busy problems usually present as either hash marks indicating no data available or as "incorrect" information showing up to the end users.

These problems typically come down to either the message is not there, has not replicated, or is replicating slower than expected.

Outlook makes a connection to the public folder server and locates the nearest replica of the appropriate folder.5.

Outlook overwrites any existing Free Busy data with a new Free Busy message containing the current information.

This happens with any Outlook client from 2003 thru 2010 and our server is Exchange 2010.

Outlook 2003 stores its free\busy information in a public folder so can you confirm that a public folder database exists in your organization?

Outlook determines that the Calendar has been dirtied and goes to update Free Busy; or we hit the user defined publishing interval.3.

Outlook uses the users Legacy Exchange DN to determine what Public folder it will publish the information in.4.

In this post I hope to clear most of that up and provide some guidance that will help you prevent issues with Free Busy.

The biggest thing that most people I talk to about Free Busy don't understand is that the generation of the Free Busy data is the responsibility of the client not the server in the vast majority of cases.

Do you require your Free/Busy information to Always be accurate when viewed by the end user?

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