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But their pace may still remain slow if they have to endure perverted behaviour.Gleeden has answered this by incorporating relevant features, like allowing women to rate male members. Compatibility, fulfilment and perversion apart, a desire to save the marriage might also explain part of the traffic. Anecdotes abound amongst married Indian couples about how a long-drawn unhappy relationship often creates a mental bias, and this block reduces the motivation to make the effort to improve the relationship.

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But the desire to find fulfilment, excitement or happiness remains, even if it is for a short-term.

This site gives them a chance to fill that gap, and the pace of registrations indicates some indeed are trying to.

The female profile received huge interest, the male profile hardly any.

The female profile’s male respondents were mostly in their 40s and shared reasons like boredom, lack of relationship, etc.

Have an affair”—finds itself in an awkward position after hackers managed to steal users’ data.

That includes “customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions,” according to the BBC.This is in line with the recent spike in divorce rates in India since it is easier to give up than to make that effort.While some cases may be genuinely unsolvable, some may be due to this mental block.Coincidentally, of Gleeden’s 120,000 Indian subscribers, 75% are men.Hindustan Times had conducted an experiment, where they created two profiles – a 30-year male and a 30-year female.The Taj Wedding Barometer survey showed 75% of young Indians (aged between 18-35) preferred arranged marriages, with the number being 82% for Indian women. Gleeden is an online dating platform with the tagline “” Dating apps in India target singles. Being a global website, it was available for Indians to register. It has already reached approximately 120,000 users in India.

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