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While this growth makes an admirable case-study, does it also reveal some truths about the institution of Indian marriages, especially that of arranged marriage?

There is nothing new about the lack of compatibility and gaps in relationships in many marriages around us, creating that unfulfilled desire to find fulfilment, excitement or happiness.

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But their pace may still remain slow if they have to endure perverted behaviour.

Gleeden has answered this by incorporating relevant features, like allowing women to rate male members. Compatibility, fulfilment and perversion apart, a desire to save the marriage might also explain part of the traffic. Anecdotes abound amongst married Indian couples about how a long-drawn unhappy relationship often creates a mental bias, and this block reduces the motivation to make the effort to improve the relationship.

That does not mean the institution itself is a flop, since numerous success stories abound in both arranged and love marriages.

Ashley Madison—the dating website whose tag line reads, “Life is short.

In an interview, Solène Paillet, 29, head of communications and manager of the- all women team at Gleeden said “” But while this may be true world-over, should India have been different?

After all, arranged marriages in India are often quoted higher success rates given that the process evaluates various compatibility factors and socio-economic and familial parameters.

This is in line with the recent spike in divorce rates in India since it is easier to give up than to make that effort.

While some cases may be genuinely unsolvable, some may be due to this mental block.

Nevertheless, marriages have been far from perfect for many, despite being a national obsession.

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