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But the company also creates its own bogus profiles, the federal suit says.

It doesn’t elaborate on the charge — but notes that inflating the number of profiles on Match and its other 25 dating sites is good for their business.

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Fake photos used on dating sites

The reveal comes after the dating website called her lawsuit "meritless" and insisted it was adept at finding fake profiles posted by scammers.

"I am obligated to defend my client and demonstrate to the public that her case is 100% legitimate and supported in both fact and law," lawyer Evan Spencer said in a press release late Sunday night.

is so bad at spotting fake dating profiles, says the Florida mom who sued the dating site for $1.5 billion, that photos of the silver screen superstars accompany profiles for nobodies.

The lawyer for Yuliana Avalos, 31, a part-time model and mom-of-two, released eight sham-dating profiles that he says he found on and sister sites.

Some of the contact details were genuine, including the email addresses of academics, a House of Lords life peer and BBC employees, all of whom said they had never used a dating website.

Whistle-blower Ryan Pitcher has also confirmed he ran a team creating “pseudo” profiles for Global Personals, the third largest dating company in Britain, responsible for more than 10,000 dating sites, until 2010.

The company has been sued over bogus profiles by its members before, but the suits were tossed because the terms of Match.com’s users agreement doesn’t require it to “police” profiles.

Who knew Al Pacino and Rob Lowe were looking for love online?

The phony profiles are often created by scammers in other countries for “criminal purposes,” which include “romance scams” that “entice victims to send money to people outside of the country,” said Avalos’ lawyer Evan Spencer.

The suit says that at best, the company looks the other way, because it can tell the bogus profiles are being posted with IP addresses in foreign countries — not the city listed on the profile.

Although she has tried online dating, Miss Bartke said she never used Cupid's website, adding: “It's done purely to take money from that person who's in a vulnerable situation already because it takes a bit of guts to be, to be open and say here is who I am, are you interested in me?

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