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May I interest you in a sarcastic comment, instead?” – Chandler, #9 “When I feel down and someone tells me to ‘suck it up,’ I get the urge to break their legs with a baseball bat and then say ‘walk it off.’” Breakup smartass quotes Love is grand, until it isn’t.So what’s the most effective way to get out your frustrations while still coming off like the lovable stud/studette that you are? If you have ever been offended by someone with nothing but a gaping mouth and a figurative puff of smoke as a response, you know how tragic a lack of a comeback can feel. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants.

” #12 “You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.” #13 “Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” – Bill Murray #14 “Sorry, I’m not Adele.

I don’t wish the best for you, nor do I want to find someone like you.

Hope that helped raise your smartass quota for the week.

It’s been ages since I advised women on courtship, sex, dating & relationship.

When asked if one would make sarcastic remarks when speaking to someone outside their peer group, six females and nine males said they would make sarcastic remarks to someone older than them (by more than five years); nine females and six males said they would not; and every female and twelve males said they would make sarcastic remarks to people younger than them, while three males said they would not make sarcastic remarks to younger people.

In fact, people love sarcasm, which makes it a great outlet to get all of that pent up resentment out while slapping a smile on your face. [Read: 101 awesomely good comebacks for every occasion] #1 “I always say ‘Morning’ instead of ‘Good Morning,’ because if it was a good morning, I would still be in my bed and not talking to people.” #2 “Some days you eat salads and go to the gym.

Breathing.” [Read: Being single – 30 happy, inspiring quotes for singles] Smartass quotes to live by Don’t let someone else dictate how you live your life. Whether you’re looking to tell it like it is, or offer someone a confusing truth about human behavior, these 11 quotes to live by are sure to help you out.

#23 “It’s better to be late than to arrive ugly.” – Marilyn Monroe #24 “Thanks for pretending not to see me when I was pretending not to see you in order to avoid a miserably awkward conversation that neither of us wanted to have.” #25 “Oh, hey, kettle, I’m pot and wow, you’re black.” – Olivia Cunning, Tie Me #26 “You think I’m cute when I’m angry?

This is why some people appear bright until they speak.” – Steven Wright #33 “If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off? You don’t want to be that person who could literally write a book about what you wish you would have said. I’m just mean and people think I’m joking.” #35 “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” – Winston Churchill #36 “I can only please one person a day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.” #37 “If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” -Marilyn Monroe #38 “I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you.” #39 “Sometimes I wish I was a bird…

” Insulting smartass quotes Is someone being a total dick and you’re at a loss for what to say? Here are the best insulting smartass quotes we could find. so I could fly over certain people and shit on their heads.” #40 “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid.

You can only stalk them and hope for the best.” [Read: 55 funny quotes about love and all its complications] #6 “Women are like i Phones.

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