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” things will start rolling from there.“If I were there, I’d do [insert something awesome and dirty here] to you.” The best part (and sometimes the worst part, too) is that you’re not there, so it amps up the desire factor. Are you using a vibrator or your hand to stimulate yourself? However, when you’re talking dirty, you should use dirty words. You had phone sex, achieved climax, and it was great! There’s a lot to be said for wanting something you can’t have. No one wants to be told, “I really want you to put your penis in my vagina.” It’s just, well, technical and lacking in raw sexuality. If things can be that good when you’re apart, just think of how great they’ll be when you’re together again.

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FYI: If you see a new cam girl you like the look of, don't put off watching her show. Constantly speaking to people who have their clothes on can be a drag; I get it!

However, since I’m in one and I know it won’t always be this way, I’m trying to make the best of it. I like to think that after all this hard work — this never-ending longing in my heart, the havoc wreaked on my nerves — we’ll be better for it.

As my esteemed colleague, Rebecca Santiago, pointed out, long distance relationships really should be avoided like the plague.

Find the place where you’ll be most at home, and claim it as your own for the next 45 minutes or so. Phone sex is not something you do quickly, as if you’re meeting up for a hot and heavy rendezvous on your lunch break. I legitimately lived in fear of the word “pussy” for the majority of my life.

You’ll find that if you start at the very beginning (and very cliché) with the simple question of, “What are you wearing? I hated it so much that I called pussy willows, those furry little plant things, “wussy pillows.” This is not joke, and yes, I realize my creativity needs some work.

Even if you’re the greatest masturbation aficionado in the world, you still might be hesitant about explaining, in great detail, exactly what you’re doing to your body. On the other hand, “I really want you to put your cock in my pussy” might be the winning ticket. You’ve put in all this work, now it’s time to climax! Reap the benefits of overcoming any fears you had about the whole thing and scream out the words that one screams when total satisfaction has hit! ”I’m not suggesting some sort of highly thorough breakdown of what was great, weird, or embarrassing about the whole thing.

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