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A recent National Geographic reporter interviewed a woman who proudly claims, “After paying rent, I make over 0,000 a year.Since doing this work, I’ve bought three apartments for my family.” Money exchanged, investments made.

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In effect this means that so long as prostitution stays out of the public eye, the government is mostly comfortable adopting a laissez-faire policy.

This has lead to a unique way of avoiding the prohibition on brothels: the one-woman brothel.

This contributes to an increase in the supply of sex services offered by new groups of girls, particularly mainlanders in the New Territories.

The corresponding fall in prices has made it less lucrative for the triad gangs to continue their business as before, and made them more eager to divest.

A client need only go to the address, press the bell, state purpose, agree on the price and deal done.” By the end of the mid-90s most of the classy ballrooms and big-spender nightclubs had disappeared.

In it’s purest commercial form this empowered girls to open their own business without the need for a middleman, and encouraged a wave of foreign Asian and Chinese girls to turn-up in Hong Kong on short term visas.Any room with two or more girls offering sex services is considered a brothel.Brothels, and living off the prostitution of others (i.e organized prostitution) is not permitted.The second effect of the growth of Internet is an increase in “compensated dating”, wherein girls of all socio-economic levels sell sex so they can buy consumer goods, such as cell phones and clothes.In the best of cases the proceeds of a self-run prostitution business can be quite lucrative.The triad gangs own various karaoke bars and nightclubs, they often sponsor the working visas, and they also own the apartments where the girls conduct their business.

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