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The 2nd time I ordered within a few weeks, I checked the food before I left, guess what, it would have been the wrong order again.

Thought I would share this with people for this location.

It tasted like it had been just dumped from the can and heated and dipped on our plates. Also about a year ago I stopped at this same store and had to send my food back because it was very under cooked and I was not the only person who was sending their food back that day.

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Cracker Barrel was founded in 1969 by Dan Evins near Lebanon, Tennessee as a way to improve gasoline sales for Shell Oil. Today, there are over 600 locations in 42 US states.

In the 70s, many of the restaurants were built with gas pumps on site. The Cracker Barrel corporate office is still located in Lebanon, TN.

To top it all when I started to pay and run my card a bug run out and I had to wait for the woman to pick up a napkin and kill the bug before I could pay the bill. Please send someone down here that they don’t .expect to check them out. I will never understand the lack of concern when it comes to cleaning.

Cracker Barrel has always been my favorite place to eat but someone is going to have to clean them up or they are going to be in big trouble. Reply Hello, my family and I had breakfast in the Milford Conn. The first thing after walking in the door, is the smell of grease. Told server, she said oh yeah, they use wax on the floors. SO…Told Shannon the Mger, she said only Thank you, not that anything will be done. Mgers to TAKE THE SLICK OFF THE FLOORS, I can not afford time to have a hip replacement!!!

I had sent a complaint direct to your office with the 2nd order, and no response from you.

This tells me your locations perform like the corporate office – take no responsibility or concern over the business of a food establishment which used to be good. Reply I visited the Cracker Barrel in Victorville for the very first time.

I have purchased so muxh stuff from your establishment also food. My granddaughter told me to send this letter and maybe you can do something about that dress. The table was by the wall and the ledge was so dirty you could have wrote your name in it.

Thank tou so muxh for taking the time to listen Reply I went to the Cracker Barrel on 52th in St. The picture frames and decorations were filthy and I spoke with the manager and expressed my concern that if the dining area was that dirty what did the kitchen look like.

After hearing on the Nat’l news a new location was opening in Victorville, California.

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