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of Olympia, WA gave to Fab Fit Fun, End US Gender Inequality Valerie G.of Texas gave to Women Together Foundation (Mujeres Unidas) Topher P. Paul MN gave to the Violence Policy Center Mark C.

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of Texas gave $250 to Until There's a Cure (HIV/AIDS Awareness) John P.

of Los Angeles, CA gave $15 to Children's Hospital Los Angeles Ellen H.

of Chickamauga, GA gave $50 to purchase food for nursing students Michael L. of Laguna Hills, CA gave $45 to Bat Conservation International Charles W.

of Aloha, OR gave $250 to the Portland Wind Symphony Bob S. Louis, MO gave $30 to the Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project Maerk T. of Utah gave $50 to a Go Fund Me campaign for a young musician to travel with an orchestra to Italy Michael C.

of San Francisco, CA gave $25 to Planned Parenthood Linda D.

of Maynard, MA gave to the Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, FLA) student fundraiser Liam F.Martin of London, UK gave £10 to Family Action Tyler S.of Ohio gave to the Ohio History Fund, Ohio Wildlife Species and Endangered Wildlife Conservation, Wishes for Sick Children, Breast/Cervical Cancer Fund Michelle R.of Middle River, MD gave to the Episcopal Refugee Immigrant Center Alliance (ERICA), Refugee Ministry at Incarnation Cathedral (Baltimore) Christopher B.of Provo, UT gave to the LDS Church Poor Fund Lou F.of Ohio donated goods to the Salvation Army Thomas B. of New Haven, CT gave to National Eating Disorders Association Jesse K.

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