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of South Carolina gave to Lowcountry Food Bank Frederic F.

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of Alabama gave $20 to Parkinson's Disease Research Society Maxim J.

of London, UK gave $25 to Alzheimer's Society Rob K.

of Des Moines, IA gave $50 to the Urbandale, Iowa Food Pantry Andrew S.

of Massachusetts gave $100 to the Sunflower County Freedom Project David M.

of Phoenix, AZ gave $20 to the Arizona Humane Society Ron D. of Apache Junction, AZ gave $50 to Apache Junction Elks Fund Drive for Local Kids Dana S.

of Ottawa, Canada gave to Hospice Care Ottawa Becky B. of Orlando, FL gave a month to sponsor a child in need through Compassion International John S.of San Francisco, CA gave to Planned Parenthood Linda D.of Maynard, MA gave to the Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, FLA) student fundraiser Liam F.of Delaware gave 0 to The Coalition Against Pediactric Pain Alison S. of Birdsboro, PA gave to a friend low on cash until her Social Security check arrives Rich T. of New York, NY gave to Transportation Alternatives Nancy M.of Edmonds, WA gave to Partners in Health Linda P.of Columbia, MO gave to Missouri River Relief Woody H.

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