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So our first point is this: a paedophile is not the same thing as a child abuser.

A paedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children.

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People cannot pretend not to even have immoral thoughts!

The more pressure is on a person like this, whether it is self imposed or not, causes more and more tension.

In Western Europe, paedophile political lobbies have mostly withered away in the face of increasing public outrage at sexual abuse of children, and although in the Netherlands a 'Love Thy Neighbour, Freedom and Diversity' Party was founded in 2006 whose aims included seeking to decriminalize sexual activities at any age unless they are dangerous or coerced (it also supported the criminalization of sexual maltreatment of animals, currently not punishable in Dutch law), it was unable to raise the required number of public signatures from Dutch citizens to participate in actual elections.

In the US, Canada, and the , increasing police surveillance and criminalization of their members have led many - though not all - of the most prominent groups to disband or to transform into less visible Internet-based [hidden communities].#christianity #islam #judaism #psychology #sexuality We will often find that the more dangerous or shocking something is, the more it can stick in our minds.

[...]Groups such as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the (created in 1974); North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in the US (created in 1978); the Danish Paedophile Association (DPA) (set up in 1985); and International Paedophile and Child Emancipation (IPCE) (founded in the early 1990s), drew on Freudian theories and on sexological research, including the Kinsey Reports, to argue that children are sexual beings, and on ancient Greek models of sex.

[...]While always a controversial issue among the wider population, public attitudes towards adult-child sexual relationships have hardened significantly since the 1980s, though important cultural variations remain.

If we want to stop a person from becoming a dangerous misanthrope, for whatever reason they are classed as potentially dangerous, then the worse thing we can do is give up on them, resent them, attack them, alienate them, hate them or abandon them.

Yet this is precisely what happens, with outrages being driven by cheap journalism.

Some newspapers like to stir people up with outrage and sensationalism, and paedophiles are always an easy target.

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