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Remember: Not everyone in the world uses Windows or the Microsoft Office software. The majority of people employed in the graphic arts industry use Macintosh.

If you send to someone who is involved in professional publishing, they are highly likely not using a PC.

If it is business, add your title and/or company name and maybe a phone number with area code. Keep this in mind when you post a public message via newsgroups, message boards, broadcast emails or live chat asking for help. Always ask first if the recipient wants to receive a "XXXkilobyte" file from you in "XYZ" format. If you use a corporate or government email account, you are not paying for it out of your own pocket.

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Get a spell checker for your email software if you do not already have one.

*Especially* if you are corresponding for some sort of business purpose, correct spelling conveys literacy and professionalism. QUOTING Quoting portions of a previous message is common in email.

Also, remember to break up long diatribes into paragraphs with line spaces between to make it easier to digest/read! All the computer viruses spread since 1998 have come from file attachments -- period!

Do NOT quote back the entire email message as sent to you. Once you hit your reply command, select the non-essential parts of the original message and delete them! And, if you ask for help with your computer or wish to buy or sell a product for the computer, realize that not everyone uses your selection of computer platforms. This is EXACTLY how the Love Bug virus was spread in Spring 2000.

As long as fonts and type styles are not critical, and only the content of the piece is of value, then paste it into the email message.

Then you do not need a file translation for some odd word processor document that the sender used and the recipient may not have.(Do not email me requesting help with locating your auto-signature capabilities, read the manual or contact the people who make your software.) But, don't make your signature so long it becomes a nuisance. The file that you downloaded lickety-split onto your office computer may take your buddy, at home on his slower system, much longer to download.Most large corporate or government office systems run on high-speed networks that cost thousands of dollars a month just to access (not even operate).Let's pretend this is the body of the message you wish to respond to... SIGNATURE If your email software supports it, have an auto signature added to every post from you. NEVER send any unsolicited attachments over 1MB and not expect to get hate email in return. If you are sending an ".exe" (executable) file to someone on a Mac, they won't be able to do anything with it. Besides, that will probably mean the file is big, which brings us to the next point... If I lose money because the photos of your kids took me 20-30 minutes to download, I will be quite angry and likely to bill you for my time at my minimum hourly rate.Be sure to include your first and last name with your email address. Remember that you are now conversing in a global arena. But, when sending a solicited attachment, remember the following: a. Better yet, those photos and humorous programs you think everyone wants? Let folks browse it at THEIR convenience, not yours.Before you get going as a new email user, be aware of the email chainletters and Cyber Myths you will soon be receiving. If your browser has enhanced text features like fonts and styles, do not use them.

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