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I am always getting electronic mail (email) from new users of online services. It also takes longer to send and draw to the screen. WATCH YOUR TONE Please remember that you are sending a text-based communication to possible strangers.

Experienced users often use online shorthand in email and forget that the new user needs to have a road map to these abbreviations and images. Only forward jokes and chainletters if you are SURE the recipient wants them (and hasn't already gotten a copy or three from someone else) 11. Don't expose your email routing list to spammers 13. They may not know your sarcasm or witty sense of humor like your family and close friends do.

For that reason, I have created this page for new users of email. Use underscores or asterisks for emphasizing words 3. Use an automatic signature, especially if you are a business 7. If you are on AOL, do not use the "Forward" command 14. For this reason, it is imperative to get into the habit of using some of the common shorthand features in your email, especially the public ones you may post to a newsgroup or forum (where hundreds, if not thousands of strangers will read your post).

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The symbol for quoting is a "greater than" ( You need to quote back a comment to remind the recipient what you are responding to, especially if it has been more than an hour since you received the original message. FILE ATTACHMENTS If you are sending a file to someone, attached to or via email, remember some very important points: First of all, UNSOLICITED file attachments are RUDE!

It is customary to leave a line space between a quote and the reply to make it more readable. Do not EVER send attachments without the permission of the recipient (no matter how cute or funny you think the image or file is).

Also, remember to break up long diatribes into paragraphs with line spaces between to make it easier to digest/read! All the computer viruses spread since 1998 have come from file attachments -- period!

Do NOT quote back the entire email message as sent to you. Once you hit your reply command, select the non-essential parts of the original message and delete them! And, if you ask for help with your computer or wish to buy or sell a product for the computer, realize that not everyone uses your selection of computer platforms. This is EXACTLY how the Love Bug virus was spread in Spring 2000.

Chances are your friends don't have that high-speed transmission on their home systems. If you are sending someone a joke or something text-based, instead of sending it as a file attachment, copy and paste the contents right into the email.

Don't bulk up the email transmission by sending it as a separate file attachment.

Thanks to Programmer's Paradise and Kathy Letizia for making it available here. You send me a message that is all in caps and it's going right into my trash without being read. EMPHASIZING WORDS Because we do not have italic and bold in email (it is "text-only" or "ASCII"), we need other ways to emphasize a word or phrase.

If you use AOL for email or know someone who does, read this also. To _emphasize_, we outline the word or phrase with an _underscore_ character (shift-hyphen), or maybe *asterisks*, or other little used characters like an =equal sign=.

• To PRINT this page from your browser: We recommend an 80% reduction to easily fit standard 8.5 x 11" page width. Caps may be used sparingly to emphasize a word or phrase.

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