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Jacob's red/black Virgo is only rare, and found the first official unobtainable that isn't CP.This guide was written with the X-Box 360 version, not the PS3 version.

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the 4th (Lancet Jades) Author's Homepage: 2.10 (completed June 25th, 2008) Sites with permission to post this FAQ: Game Gamers ======================================================== VERSION HISTORY ======================================================== 0.10 Completed May 3rd, 2008.

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======================================================== ABOUT ======================================================== This guide is to assist those players who enjoy collecting rare or unique vehicles.

No differences are known as of yet, however there may be some.

Thanks to people like Swift and Dmitry for helping me with confirming a lot of the special color vehicles.

Added descriptions to unique color/feature vehicles. Decided to remove the unobtainable CP vehicles from the guide, as with the method to make them yourself, they're useless entries (like UJs were).

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