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Wade was known locally for his community efforts and had already been praised for overcoming a difficult start in life to pursue academia.Wade, 29, had already graduated from the Louisiana State University and had almost completed his Ph D when he died.

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Use this page as your gateway to British Columbia (BC) quick facts, emergency numbers relating to drug abuse, alcoholism, and detox services as well as how to locate your health authority.

Today, British Columbia’s population is wonderfully diverse.

As news of his death spread on Tuesday, friends took to social media to eulogize him in disbelief.'Great inspiration and a bright light now dimmed with sadness.

'To some he initially seemed destined for failure, however beat all odds and made outstanding accomplishments,' said one friend.He was a well known member of the community who was passionate about charity and youth programs (seen right running a triathlon recently) He was in the middle of a Ph D in sociology at Columbia University in New York and had already graduated from Louisiana State University after being given a scholarship from a local law firm in Houston.He had not long returned to Houston to complete his dissertation on the poverty and incarceration among the black community.'We need to chill out on these songs.'Should the Astros come back to beat the Dodgers, however, Wall claims he already has a few celebratory raps written.'I've already got like three of them wrote,' he said.A Columbia Ph D student has been killed by his boyfriend who shot him in the head after an argument.He said he saw Williams fleeing the scene on security cameras installed around the home.

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