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And of course, only a few of those steps involve a microphone. They usually sit alone in a studio: they’re microphones for talking people.

A producer’s work is best when it’s invisible, so maybe I can understand why the only image people can conjure to represent that work is … Americans in particular live in a culture that equates talking with power and listening with submission.

Now, of course, there are certain apps that people expect to use the microphone or a camera -- such as music or TV show identification products.

But it's a bit of a surprise that apps such as the massively hyped (and then quickly panned) Color (which is a sort of photo sharing/location-based info service) is making use of your microphone and camera without most users realizing it: Color uses your i Phone's or Android phone's microphone to detect when people are in the same room.

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Sometimes they’re heaped atop one another, or nestled between inputs on a mixing board.

Dude meets a perfectly-angled microphone, talks and voila — it’s radio!

(which I edit) — all these shows get their immersive power from the huge number of professional ear-hours they require.

All you need is a writer, a studio with tech support, a few characters and, before you know it, you have ‘Serial.’” Atlas then went on to dismiss the “let’s just talk into the microphone” style of — one of the most expensive — not to mention highly reported, fact-checked, edited and sound-designed — examples of the medium. Sadly, I think we producers, with our Canadian-grade levels of modesty, bear a portion of the blame.

Our job is after all to disappear, along with evidence of the hours we’ve spent conducting interviews, transcribing tape, assembling scripts, tearing them apart, reassembling, voicing narration, mixing and remixing again.

While you might think it could accomplish what it needs with GPS, apparently the stores in question have special devices that emit sounds that you can't hear, the microphone on your phone can pick up, thus "confirming" that you really entered the store.

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