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Until then, the Marriage Amendment Act restricted couples seeking a non-religious marriage to perform the ceremony at the Office of the Registrar General in Hamilton.

Civil marriages account for roughly one in four marriages (23.2 per cent) on the island.

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Bermuda marriages for residents and non-residents are under the Bermuda Marriage Act 1944 and Marriage Amendment Act 2016, and as further amended, if on a Bermuda-registered cruise ship, the (Bermuda) Maritime Marriage Act 1999 and Marriage Amendment Act 2002.

All certificates of a Bermuda marriage are issued by the Registrar - see below - for all island marriages, whether civil, religious, church or ship.

Names and residential addresses of both applicants must always be shown in full.

This submitted notice will result in a wedding license valid for three months.

In the event of inclement weather, prohibiting an outdoor wedding, the alternate venue for the marriage will be the Registry General.

In such cases, the marriage ceremony fee may be reduced to the fee applicable to marriages conducted within the Registry General.

For more information on fees associated with civil marriage ceremonies visit https://bm/content/apply-marriage-licence).

period of 14 days must elapse from the date of receipt of the notice by the Registry before the Registry General may issue the license to marry.

Airmail to Bermuda often takes from 8-12 days from Canada, United Kingdom and USA.

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