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The deduction is considered a charitable contribution, even if the money isn't paid to a charitable organization.

Several states, including Arizona, tax ice blocks and ice cubes differently.

Massachusetts residents traveling for a holiday or celebration might run afoul of the law if they bring a bottle of liquor or wine.

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The tax rate cap of 6 percent is now part of the state's constitution.

Last year, a bill was introduced in the state legislature that could replace the state's six income tax rates with a flat 5.4 percent tax.

Wisconsin and Missouri have had similar laws on the books.

Home to the world-famous Kentucky Derby, this state has a 6 percent sales tax on thoroughbred stud fees.

Iowa has use-tax exemptions for prescription drugs and medical devices, including catheter trays, oxygen equipment, when they're sold to the user (rather than a business). If it is tethered to the ground, passengers are taxed for the entertainment.

But if the rope is untied, it's treated as air transportation and the ride is tax-free.

There is plenty of fresh fruit to be found in the Golden State and a 33 percent tax if it is bought from a vending machine.

The tax applies to other food items, as well, including hot drinks, although there is an exception for vending machines operated by educational institutions when the items are sold to students.

In 2014, Idaho changed its statute governing sales tax on cloud computing.

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