From diapers to dating 50 rules

The tax rate cap of 6 percent is now part of the state's constitution.

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Every state has odd and sometimes unbelievable state tax laws -- including a number of regulations that could save consumers money.

Alabama taxes the proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs by requiring sellers to have tax stamps -- similar to the excise tax imposed on cigarettes.

The instructions for the standard 1040 tax form alone are more than 100 pages long, and good luck getting through them in one sitting.

Tax rules and regulations at the state level provide no relief, riddled as they are with strange fees and exemptions, some of them decades out of date.

Anyone caught with large quantities of drugs and no stamps would face not only jail time but also prosecution for tax evasion unless they paid up.

Whaling captains recognized by the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission can deduct up to ,000 for whaling-related expenses.

Similar laws are on the books in Washington, Colorado, and Connecticut. For example, marshmallow creme is tax exempt, but marshmallows are not.

Icing in tubes and containers of frosting are also exempt, but cake decorations are not.

There is plenty of fresh fruit to be found in the Golden State and a 33 percent tax if it is bought from a vending machine.

The tax applies to other food items, as well, including hot drinks, although there is an exception for vending machines operated by educational institutions when the items are sold to students.

Massachusetts residents traveling for a holiday or celebration might run afoul of the law if they bring a bottle of liquor or wine.

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