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Reply I ordered 2 large 2 topping pizzas tonight at your 907 N. By the time he got back, the pizza was gone and so was the need for the soda.

He gave me regular soda and when I told him I had ordered diet he said, “We are out of it.” I am a diabetic and can’t drink the regular. Reply I stooped in your establishment located at 819 S.

Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas.

The brothers borrowed $600 from their mother and opened a small restaurant in downtown Wichita. The business grew quickly in the 60s through aggressive marketing. In 1972, Pizza Hut went public and rapid growth continued. In 1997, Pepsi packaged all their restaurant holdings which included Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell and spun them off as Yum! As of 2016, are currently over 11,000 Pizza Hut locations operating under Yum! The Pizza Hut corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

I just finished going through tropical storm Harvey and I was craving pizza. Your order will be delivered on AUGUST 31, PM DELIVERY TO YOUR PIZZA HUT 4801 Wilson Rd.

I called Pizza Hut and they told me I could order pizza in a pan and I specifically asked if there was no crust at all and he said no it doesn’t. Humble, TX 77396 (281) 441-1230 YOUR ORDER Placed on August 31 at PM 1 Regular Pan-style Whole Ingredients: Classic Marinara Sauce, Pepperoni 3 Fries 3 Cajun Style Fries 1 Sides Menu-Hawaiian Teriyaki-Bone-Out 1 Sides Menu – Tuscani® Chicken Alfredo 2 Baked Cinnamon Sticks with icing – single order 1 Cheese Sticks with Marinara Sauce (extra charge applies) – single order 1 Pepsi® Bottle 2 Mountain Dew® Bottle 1 Dr Pepper® Bottle 3 Garlic 2 Sides Menu-Breadsticks 1 Baked Cinnamon Sticks with icing Special instructions: Offic E GATE CODE IS 245 Order Total: .95 HUT REWARDS: You received 240 pts for this order. I am so mad because my kids went without ANYTHING to eat because you didn’t give me a damn courtesy call and by then every place was closed.

Below is my Google review of our local diner- now gone. and franchise owners for many years of great dining and the best (? “We’re local and have enjoyed nothing but great service, clean restrooms and dining area, courteous waitstaff, timely phone order and proper food preparation @ W 18th Pizza Hut. The wings were so small that there was no meat it was just a tiny piece of crunch. I wish I could show you guys the pics I took holding a dime next to my tiny bone out wings. I chose the ‘fresh’ one, although maybe shouldn’t have, because it was COLD.

Both my wife and I worked at and managed multiple Pizza Hut locations since the 70’s and altho saddened by the loss of the ham and Cheese and Italian subs, found this Pizza Hut even tho in an older forgotten part of town, never failing in it’s mission to provide a historically great dining experience. “ Reply What is the policy for employees being hateful or mean to other employees? Not sure ‘where’ they had it sitting in the kitchen but I expected at least that one to be hot…

My Wife and I spent many happy years working at and managing Pizza Hut locations in Ocean Springs and Hattiesburg MS.

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