Fun dating ideas atlanta

Even if the weather is below 70 -- which it’ll probably be through March 12 -- you can still join a session led by Westside Yoga’s Amber Barry free of charge in the Piedmont Room at Park Tavern, instead of outdoors.

You’ll both get a free post-class beer for participating. A one-day pass only , and not only can you ride the Streetcar through central Downtown, through areas of Georgia State, and pass by the Old Fourth Ward bars, but there’s something even sexier about paying the fare for yourself and your fairest: You’ll probably have the car all to yourself.

But you can pay half if you buy tickets online in advance for the upcoming February 3 event or the forthcoming months. It’s infamous for the pottery scene, which made everybody want to have a hot pottery-sculpting moment with somebody they desire.

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Until it closes, there will never be a better date night deal than Atlanta’s legendary drive-in theater.

You can bring your own food and drink, plus it only costs $9 to watch two movies from the sanctuary of your car, with the heat turned up, looking up at a big giant screen like they used to do in old romantic movies.

Pioneering a place in So Bu with a potential “Nu Bu” is always romantic.

And the newly opened East Pole coffee shop, which roasts and sells its own beans, is a great place to discover together, as long as you don’t mind being seen -- the place is well-lit and has tall windows, which gives it a “it’s fine if we end up in the friend zone and just become coffee buds too” kinda vibe.

And if that’s not enough, well, we also listed everything fun happening this season in ATL right here.

Love may not cost a thing, but a date sure does, which is why we rounded up a variety of smart and fun things to do, from hitting a museum to catching a cheap flick.The food at Krog Street Market isn’t known for being inexpensive (don’t blame them; that’s some costly real estate), but Suzy Siu’s Baos has Taiwanese-inspired street buns for under each, and they have a deal where you can get all six baos on the menu (Korean BBQ brisket, fried chicken, etc.) for . Step your sweets game up to Paris-level luxurious at Amorino, where gelato artists will shape delicious flavors of frosty sweet cream into edible flower petals.Also get the French/Italian café’s macaroons, gelato cakes, pastries, and even their version of pancakes and waffles for breakfast, if things really work out.Until February 18, Atlantic Station will host “the Southeast's largest outdoor skating rink" at Skate the Station.It’s per person, so hopefully going Dutch won’t result in a cold shoulder after your romantic chances fall flat.Hopefully you haven’t seen Poetic Justice (RIP Q-Tip).

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