Funny dating rituals

What might be considered romantic, attractive or polite in one culture might not be well received in Switzerland.

Or maybe you are both navigating the perils of living in a new country at the same time.

But just because your newfound love is international, doesn’t mean that it has a doomed fate.

But the real question is, why did a condom brand film humans pretending to be animals?

Above and beyond the encouragement to go and do it like animals, Sagami Original seems to have seized upon the realization that love is a verb.

You think you’re practically fluent because you can say “thanks” and “good morning”, but when you try to speak [insert language here] the response can be just the tiniest bit awkward: Let’s not pretend you starting dating him or her for any other reason besides the food.

Ok, just kidding, but learning about your partner’s culture through cuisine can be amazing!

As they put it on the site, "Perhaps humans talk too much. They act out of need and express themselves instinctively. Whether human or animal, loving means taking action." And if you're getting some action, you're going to need some condoms.

We use too many words and misunderstand each other.

In fact, regardless of circumstance, cross cultural dating can lead to the most exciting adventure of exploring the world through another person.

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